Best of SRQ 2022

Every year, SRQ Magazine celebrates the best locally-owned businesses in the area, involving its astute readers in voting for their preferred local establishments. The winners are announced in the famed and extraordinary "Best of SRQ Local" honors report published in the April edition.

More people than ever before came out to vote in this year's "Best of SRQ Local" competition, even setting a new record for the event. Here are some of the businesses that emerged as winners:

Best Place to Work: Liberty Savings Bank

In this year's "Best of SRQ Local Competition," Liberty Savings Bank grabbed platinum, being voted as the “Best Place to Work”. Some participants stated that this privately-owned bank “cares about its employees”, and “many have worked with the bank for a very long time”.

Liberty Savings Bank believes in offering their customers the best overall experience. Whether you're banking with them online or coming into any one of their Florida branch locations, they make it a priority to offer you the best service to help support your path to financial freedom. 

Best Financial Advisor: Glenn Scharf of the Scharf Group

Glenn Scharf was endorsed as the “Best Financial Advisor”. It's a large company operating in a wealthy region and helping people understand how to spend their money wisely. The company employs innovative, unique planning and investment methods to help clients accomplish meaningful results, challenging the usual methodology that many coaches, planners, and advisors apply.

Best New Home Neighborhood: Laurel Oak Estates

The regional economy relies heavily on the construction of homes, with various developments in the area offering consumers a wide range of options. Knowing the best place to buy a new home in the Sarasota-Manatee area may be challenging, but Laurel Oak Estates has made everything simple for the residents. Laurel Oak Estates won with a substantial margin under the “Best New Home Neighborhood” category.

Best Rug And Carpet Cleaner: Overturf’s Floor and Fabric Care

A cheerful home is one that has a clean carpet. This is courtesy of companies like Overturf's Floor and Fabric Care, which was voted as the “Best Rug and Carpet Cleaner”. The company can clean your oriental rugs, shag, or carpets, as well as tile and grout.

Best Moving Company: Pampered Moves

After getting a perfect home to live in, you will need a reputable firm you can trust to move you in. Pampered Moves emerged as the “Best Moving Company”. They have been helping Sarasota residents move for over 24 years.

Best Pet Resort and Boarding: Bayside Pet Resort

When going for a vacation, you may not be able to take your pet on vacation with you. You may need the best place to leave your pet while you are away. Bayside Pet Resort became top-rated as the “Best Pet Resort and Boarding”.

Best Yoga Studio: Hot Yoga 4 You

Hot Yoga 4 You was voted the “Best Yoga Studio”. Yoga has benefited many people for centuries with more energy, weight management, and glowing skin enhancement. 

Best Physical Therapy: Moscow & Associates

After an injury, you may experience a big setback. However, you could get better faster than expected if you visit a good physical therapist. Dr. Moscow & Associates is this year’s winner of the “Best Physical Therapy”.

Best Orthodontist For Kids: Freeman Orthodontics

Braces may be a stressful experience for both children and parents, especially when it comes to choosing the nicest colors for the tiny bands. Freeman Orthodontics was voted the “Best Orthodontist For Kids” and they will make sure your kid's teeth are in the best hands.

Best Credit Union: Suncoast Credit Union

Suncoast Credit Union garnered the highest votes under the category of “Best Credit Union” in Sarasota. Whether you want to start a new business or boost your existing business, you need someone to help you actualize your dream. Suncoast's Micro-loans are an ideal option. 

We are proud to announce that Liberty Savings Bank has won “Best Local Place To Work”. How? We are a local community bank that loves serving the incredible people in Sarasota-Manatee County and it shows. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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