Exciting Announcement For 2020: SmartHSA

At Liberty Savings Bank, the power of consumer directed healthcare is about to get better! We are excited to announce that we will be introducing an innovative update to our Liberty Health Bank app. Powered by our fintech partner Alegeus, the SmartHSA update is slated for 2020 and will completely revolutionize how our customers interact with and save with their Health Savings Accounts.  

With SmartHSA, you’ll have an HSA app at your fingertips unlike any other. Imagine an app with an easy to use interface similar to Facebook. What if that app also used artificial intelligence(AI) and machine learning (MI) to help you know when, how, and why to use your Health Savings Account?

Our SmartHSA update will offer you all these things and more. You’ll get prompts in your in-app feed that will tell you how to find less expensive MRI tests in your area, where to find cheaper prices available for prescription drugs, savings suggestions to meet your financial goals, and how to move funds to your investment accounts or fund your spending accounts

Anna Kissick (who has been called the Wikipedia of HSAs) agrees, “The SmartHSA update will make our existing app so much more convenient and easy to use. Installed directly onto your smartphone for at-your-fingertips access to the best HSA savings app on the market.”

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