Identity Theft Prevention Just Got a Whole Lot More Convenient

These days, half the world is glued to their smartphone. We use them for everything from checking our emails and calling our grandmas, to taking pictures and tweeting our friends that hilarious new cat video we saw on Twitter. It only makes sense, when your whole world is at your fingertips, that you should be able to easily  monitor your credit and debit cards too.

Liberty Savings Bank now offers our customers an easy, safe, and free way to keep an eye on their purchases, all from the comfort of your smartphone. The CardValet App allows you to monitor your credit and debit cards, receive alerts about where, when, and how they were used, identify suspicious activity, and “turn off” your cards at the touch of a button if they are lost or stolen.

This testimonial was shared with us from Andy, a Liberty Savings Bank customer with firsthand experience using the CardValet app:

“Back in May I was up in Ohio to visit my father and take him to the doctor. After our appointment, I went back to his house to do some work. Halfway through the afternoon, I got an alert that my card had been charged by AirBnB for $388. I immediately called the bank and they confirmed there was a pending charge on my account. They immediately shut my card down and issued me a new card. I also contacted AirBnB who was actually aware of fraud taking place through their system. They issued a credit to my checking account, shut down my AirBnB account and provided instructions on how to get back into their system.

Because I do use AirBnB regularly, this transaction would not have raised a flag with our card monitoring service. But because I was enrolled in CardValet, I was alerted immediately and was able to mitigate any losses. ”

Identity theft affects millions of Americans every year. Criminals are getting smarter, harder to catch, and even more dangerous. While prevention may seem impossible, apps like CardValet are one secure way to protect yourself. The cost of this service is variable, but Liberty Savings Bank is able to offer CardValet as a completely free service to all their members checking accounts.

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